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Feeling Lucky to Live Here

We have had some incredibly hot and uncomfortable days here in the city which have helped me understand why so many people summer elsewhere (i.e. The Hamptons) if they can. But today is simply perfect here in the West Village – sunny yet not too hot with a slight cool breeze. It was made more … Continue reading

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish– A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

While I generally tried to avoid mass produced packaged products, or at least opt for more wholesome brands, I am guilty of letting my daughter eat Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. It happens those times I find myself in a store that carries them, my daughter wants a fun snack and lights up at the cute critters. … Continue reading

Interesting Article: A Cell Phone Agreement with a 13 Year Old

While I would tweak the rules a bit for our family, I love that this parent is so thoughtful about the impact of an iPhone on her child. We need to take advantage of such teaching opportunities. In this case, we have to help our kids understand responsibility and boundaries, which can be as simple … Continue reading

Old spinach container = make shift compost bin

NYC makes it easy to put your fruit and veggie scraps to good use

New York city’s Green Markets offer locals a fantastic way to be part of an essential eco-system by connecting city dwellers with famers and artisanal producers. You get to enjoy fresh, local produce and products while supporting small scale farmers and producers. If you have been to a farmer’s market you know what I mean … Continue reading

Paradise: Maui, Hawaii

Ok folks, one more article looking back at our time in California. While on the West Coast we were fortunate to discover the paradise that is Maui. Vacationing there is just too fantastic to not write about! An easy 5 hour flight from SFO, we found ourselves there 3 times in a year and a … Continue reading

Palo Alto, CA Area Favorites

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind! We contemplated another big move, with the choice of 2 amazing destinations – London, UK and New York City. We visited London, even toured schools, and loved it. What a fantastic adventure it would have been. But after much debate and taking everything into consideration New … Continue reading

RECIPE: Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Luscious soft whipped cream adorned with a blanket of deep red raspberries covering a delicate crisp chocolate crackle underneath all make this pavlova impossible to resist. This is a fantastic summer dessert, rich and satisfying yet simultaneously delicate and light. The chocolate pavlova contrasts the unsweetened whipped cream and fresh raspberries perfectly both in flavor … Continue reading

Enchanted Woodland Birthday Party

My sweet little girl turned 4 this past February and to celebrate we hosted an Enchanted Woodland party for her. While she adores everything unicorn, I felt a mainly unicorn themed party would be limiting, so we went with an enchanted woodland which allowed me to work in unicorns and much more! This was Sofie’s … Continue reading

Breville Tea Maker – 16 months later

I have used the Breville Tea Maker every day since my husband gave it to me Christmas 2010 and it is still going strong (every day that I haven’t been away). In fact, it is still one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time! It is so easy to use and produces the great tea which … Continue reading

The HUF hens are 1 year old!!

Our little flock has made such an impact on our lives I can hardly believe they have only been with us slightly more than a year. It is hard to imagine life without them now! They each have their own unique personality, they follow us around the yard and even seem to try to talk … Continue reading