Oh so good cup of tea: Organic Fairtrade English Breakfast Tea by Hamstead Tea & Coffee

Given I quit my job in August to stay home for a little while with our baby girl and the unsettling state of the economy we are trying to be a bit more frugal, which is honestly a good thing to be better at regardless. Clearly cutting back on big expenses helps but day to day things tend to add up faster than you realize and warrant more thought than I had given them before.


I have always been a big tea drinker, that is what happens when you grow up with Chinese, European and British influences. And now that I have stopped nursing our little girl my addiction to black tea (and coffee and wine and…) has increased! Which is hard to believe. I tend to like very strong black teas. For quite some time my tea of choice at home has been Tazo Awake. It isn’t the cheapest tea but I have found less expensive ones such as Lipton just aren’t strong enough for me. I decided it was worth trying some new brands and blends to see if I could find one I loved just as much but cost less. While exploring the tea options at the grocery store the one that caught my eye was Organic Fairtrade English Breakfast Tea by Hamstead Tea & Coffee. English Breakfast is a strong blend and it is Organic AND Fairtrade…and had a pretty box. So I had to try it. Once decided and a box was in my basket I took note of the price…it is more expensive than Tazo Awake tea! Uh oh. I guess I should have looked at the price first. But at that point there was no going back. And thank goodness I didn’t put it back because it is one fine tea. If you can be in love with tea, I’m in love with this one. I will have to find other places to save some pennies.


If you like strong black teas try this one, extra bonus that it is organic and fairtrade. I found it at Whole Foods.

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