Product Recommendation: Paring Knife with Cover (Great for kids meals on the go)

I cut food into little bits for Sofie all day long and finally decided to get a few more paring knives so I could just wash them all at the end of the day. We found these great knives at Williams-Sonoma. They cut extremely well and I love that they have a cover for the blade. It means I can safely put them in a drawer with other kitchen utensils instead of a knife block. The colors are also cute and make them easy to find in a drawer full of other random kitchen tools.

Parent Tip: They are great for meals out of the house with kids!!

About 45 minutes ago I had one out to cut up some avocado maki for my 16 month old daughter (yes, it is wonderful that she likes it already! She actually loves it!) The knife cut through the rolls like butter. And I realized that I should have brought the knife out to dinner with us when we were out for sushi last Saturday.  I struggled with cutting the sushi with the knife they provided and Sofie ended up with very mangled pieces. Since these knives have a cover, I could have easily brought it and had the proper tool to cut up her rolls. It would have been nice to have for the tofu I cut up for her too. Now, if you have a child who tends to dig through your bag that idea may not be so safe, but if you can keep it away from kids it will be so great to have on hand.


It looks like you can only buy them in a set of 3 online ($29.85), but in the store you can buy them individually (~$10). We opted to get 2 green ones. It is actually a really pretty green.

Williams-Sonoma Link to Knives

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