Amazing Smoked Fish

I have discovered the most amazing smoked fish I have ever had. Before leaving the Newton farmer’s market last Tuesday I decided to stop at a new stand, one that appeared to offer smoked fishes, I assumed salmon. They had a number of different smoked fish offerings, along side an assortment of smoked fish spreads, crackers and Iwhat looked like homemade bread.

I overheard the woman telling someone else that all of the spreads on display were available for tasting, along with their smoked sablefish (black cod). I had never heard of smoked sablefish and jumped at the opportunity to try it. She carefully put on a pair of plastic gloves and extract a piece of fish, laying it on a piece of cracker for me to try.

I first took a nibble of a little bit of fish that was hanging off the cracker so I could taste it alone…it was like butter, clean and smooth and melted in my mouth. I then popped the rest of the fish and cracker in my mouth and had a moment of gastronomical heaven. The delicate fish combined with the crunchy, crisp texture of the mild cracker was incredible. Really incredible. Once I came out of my daze of delight I immediately said I would take a pack of the remarkable sablefish. I also asked if the bread was Irish bread and she confirmed that it was indeed Irish Brown Bread. Score! I love Irish Brown Bread and don’t come across it too too often here. I attempted to make it once and it came out just ok, I have to try again soon though, and keep trying until I perfect it. Well, I digress. I told her I would take a loaf of the bread and then noticed she was set up to take credit cards. Jackpot, since I was running low on cash. I added a package of the delicious crackers to my order, but stopped there. I resisted buying up more varieties of smoked fish. I convinced myself it would be better to share the sablefish with my husband this week and then come back to discover a new variety another week.

That night my husband and I enjoyed the fish and crackers along side big salads. He was an instant fan as well. Though I will say, the fish in package we got was slightly more chewy than the one I sampled, but it was only noticeable when eaten alone, versus on a cracker. And honestly, it is the pairing of the fish and the cracker that really makes the bite spectacular with the flavor and texture contrast.

We also sampled the brown bread that evening. I think they might have wrapped it in saran wrap a little too soon as the exterior had a slight plastic taste. I promptly shaved off the outer layer and that fixed the issue. It wasn’t the best brown bread I’ve ever had but it was yummy, very hearty. It has inspired me to try my hand at making it again. I hope to find time this weekend to do so.

So, you must be wondering by now, who makes this amazing product? They are the “Nantucket Wild Gourmet & Smokehouse” located in Chatham, MA. They had just secured their spot at the Newton Farmer’s Market the day before I stopped by their booth. Lucky me. They use traditional Irish and Scottish methods for smoking and the package on the fish I purchase said they also know the names of all of the fisherman who caught their fish. Love it.

If you try any of their other products, let me know what you think. I meant to take a photo of the fish to post here but was too excited to eat it and the camera didn’t enter my mind till we were done. I need to get better at that.

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