Seeking great fried chicken, found Amazing red velvet cupcake

While I actually do not eat it very often, I do really love good crispy fried chicken. Sadly, it is always hard to come by wherever I live. Though, perhaps for the sake of my waist line, that is a good thing!

I was very excited when flipping through my copy of Bon Appetit magazine a few months ago to come across this article – The 10 Best Places For Fried Chicken. Even more excited when I saw that San Francisco’s Little Skillet had made the list. It was actually somewhere I could easily get to! I checked out their menu online and they were on my list of places to try.

IMG_6270This past weekend, we finally made it there. They only do take out so their storefront is really a take out window with their menu and specials plastered in various spots. You walk up, place your order and then eagerly wait on the sidewalk for it to be ready. The modest place is very inviting. The woman who helped us was very pleasant and efficient. Two pieces of advice, call in your order ahead so you can simply pick it up (they handle this really well) and have a plan on where you’ll eat it, ideally somewhere close so you can enjoy it hot.

So… the food…

The chicken is good, however, it isn’t the best I have had. I think I tend to prefer really crunchy chicken and theirs has a nice coating but it isn’t thick and really crunchy. The coating is also seasoned a bit more than I’d like. It was a little spicy which I found interfered with the pure tasty flavor of the fried chicken. But that is just me, I’m such a wuss when it comes to hot spices that most people probably wouldn’t even taste it. It was obvious that they brined the chicken as it was moist and flavorful throughout. So, it was good but not my preferred style of fried chicken.

The red velvet cupcake on the other hand was the best I have ever had…and I have had quite a few! I really loved it. The cake was moist and had a very nice subtle chocolate flavor. It was covered in the perfect amount of delicious slightly tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting. I wish I had one right now. If you are in the area, you must stop by and get a cupcake. You will not be sorry.

I also tried the fries, pecan pie and grits. Anytime I try a place for the first time I tend to order a lot…I love variety to begin with and it is a great way to really get a feel for a place and determine if you’d go back. The fries were good, though once again not my ideal to go with fried chicken. I think they were seasoned with Old Bay or something similar which was too much seasoning in this scenario. Though, I don’t usually eat fries with fried chicken so perhaps that is unfair. I just got them to try them. I bet they would actually go really well with one of their Po’boys. The pecan pie was ok. I think I’m spoiled on pecan pie after having had the chocolate pecan pie at Bread and Chocolate in Newton, MA, whose pie is absolutely divine. The grits were pretty good, though I just didn’t have enough room in my belly to really enjoy them. I’ll see how they warm up today or tomorrow. I love grits (I know, odd for a northeaster) and they too are hard to come by. I have tried to make them myself but fail miserably ever time. The best grits I’ve ever had are still from Mother’s in New Orleans.

Hmmm, writing this has made me hungry…time to go find some lunch.

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Little Skillet, San Francisco, CA

Bread and Chocolate, Newton, MA

Mother’s, New Orleans, LA

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