A Better Lunchbox – Week Four

Sofie seemed to be doing better but not 100% yet which was apparent by how poorly she ate this week. Her cold seemed to flare up again and we kept her home on Thursday and Friday. 


Went with a safe bet, she ALWAYS goes crazy for avocado maki.


  1. Avocado maki – purchased from While Foods
  2. Edamame  – Organic frozen edamame, steamed and very lightly salted
  3. Raspberries – organic from our Veggie CSA

Consumption: She gobbled up the sushi but didn’t touch anything else. Definitely sick if she didn’t eat the raspberries.


Hoping some fun shapes will encourage her to eat more.



  1. Ham – cut into flower shapes with a cookie cutter 
  2. Cheese – organic mild cheddar, cut into letter shapes
  3. Carrots – organic, steamed
  4. Butter sandwiches – whole grain bread, toasted and smeared lightly with Olivio. Cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter. 

Consumption: She ate all of the cheese and nothing else.


We rushed out the door so I didn’t get to take a photo of her lunch. Here a photo of some rice balls I had made another day that look almost exactly like the ones I made for this lunch.


  1. Beef balls – seasoned ground beef, pan fried and crumbled into small balls
  2. Broccoli – organic, steamed. From our veggie CSA.
  3. Rice balls – Rice molded into shapes with faces made of nori, like in the picture.

Consumption: She ate 2 out of the 3 rice balls and nothing else. She ate so little that the school pulled her emergency snack from her backpack (a granola bar) for her to eat. She only took a bite of it.

Thursday & Friday

Out sick. Given how poorly she was eating and how tired she seemed. We kept her home to rest up and so I could be sure she was eating better. It is a lot easier to whip out different options when at home. That’s one of the hardest things with packing lunch for a toddler…they can be so picky that there is no guarantee they will actually want what you pack them even if they loved whatever it was just the day before.

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