Fit for a bake sale

IMG_6430The local parents group I belong to hosted a bake sale last weekend to raise money for the victims of the recent fire in San Bruno, CA. I like to help good causes and I love to cook for people…perfect. I decided to make my nut-free granola bars for the sale.

I made 2 batches which were very easy to divide up into cute packs of 3 servings for the sale. Cute enough to even give as a present! Cute enough to blog about. If you are in need of a bake sale item or a nice homemade gift, I highly recommend these granola bars. Here’s how I made the packages…

Using a 9×13” baking pan, you can easily get 15 1.5×4” bars, yielding 5 packs of 3. I found the perfect sized food safe cellophane bags at Papersource (4 x 2 x 8.5”). Each bake sale item had to have ingredients listed so I also got some #10 note cards to use for the tag.

I used an envelope template in Word and typed out the ingredients along with a link to my blog so people could get the recipe if they wanted it. I managed to fit 5 on one sheet and manually fed the #10 cards into my printer. I cut them out and used a 1/8” round hole punch to add a little hole to the corner of each ingredient card.

3 bars fit perfectly into each cellophane bag. I tied some raffia around the bag to seal the granola bars in, then slipped one end of the raffia through the tag, tied that on with a bow.

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially since it actually wasn’t that hard!

You can find the recipe for the nut-free granola bars in the Recipe Index of my blog.


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