A Better Lunchbox – Week Five, October

Even though Sofie was still irritable all weekend, which we attributed to still being a bit sick, she ate really well this week! What a relief!

From this week on you’ll only see 4 meals each week since she’ll be attending school Mon – Thu. On Friday’s we’re doing a great mommy and me class called Tiny Treks where we go on an outdoor adventure for a couple hours at various nearby locations. For lunches those days we will probably eat out or hit up Moxsie Street Eats near our house.


Staying safe again with my ground chicken, spinach and rice dish since she seemed still under the weather over the weekend. I included all the containers in the photos. I keep the rice dish warm in the thermos and attach a note asking the teachers to dump it out into the blue container for her to eat from. When she’s older she’ll be able to eat straight out of the thermos. The container for the strawberries is cool because the lid had a section that insulates the food. I stick it in the fridge to get cold while I pack up her lunch in the morning and it helps keep her fruit extra fresh. I then stick the hot stuff and the cold stuff in 2 separate insulated bags. 

Lunch 2010 Oct 4

Lunch 2010 Oct 4 - 2

  • Ground chicken, spinach and rice – prepared the usual way
  • Strawberries – organic from our veggie CSA, Eating with the Seasons

Consumption: She ate all of the strawberries and almost all of the rice dish. Her teacher even commented on how much she loves that meal.


Sofie loves fresh bread. We had some left over from our dinner party the night before so she got a treat of some french baguette for lunch. We are also trying out a small variety of banana. Sofie loves bananas but if I send a whole regular sized one to school with her, it will be all she eats. If I cut it up she won’t eat it because it turns a bit brown by the time lunch rolls around. I saw these at Whole Foods and had to try them since they seem like the perfect size to send with lunch or for a small snack.

Lunch 2010 Oct 5

  • Grilled pork chop – coated with garlic salt and grilled
  • Peas – organic, frozen, heated up that morning
  • Butter sandwiches – fresh french baguette smeared lightly with Olivio. Hard crust trimmed.
  • Banana – one of the small varieties 

Consumption: She all but a couple pieces of pork chop and maybe half the peas.


We still had leftover chicken and spinach so I decided to pack it up for Sofie’s lunch again. It was a bit of a risk since she had just had it on Monday and she seems to either not like repeats to soon (save her absolute favorite foods) or leftovers. I hedged my bets by including 2 fruits to be sure she’d at least have enough to fill her up.


  • Ground chicken, spinach and rice – prepared the usual way
  • Banana – one of the small varieties
  • Cucumber – English cucumber, seeded
  • Gala apple – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: She ate well again! Almost all of the rice, all of the apple and the banana. She skipped the cucumber but I’m not complaining.



  • Homemade chicken fingers – organic chicken breast, whole wheat flour, corn meal, milk, cooked on each side in a little olive oil.
  • Wheat thins – just a few for some more whole grain
  • Peas – organic frozen peas cooked up that morning
  • Red seedless grapes – organic from our Frog Hollow Farm CSA
  • Strawberries – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: Continuing to eat better this week she ate all of the chicken fingers, most of the wheat thin, all of the strawberries, most of the grapes and a few of the peas. Yay!!

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