A Better Lunchbox – Week Six, October 2010




  • Cheese quesadillas – organic tortilla 1/2 filled with organic Mexican cheese mix, folded over then cooked with a tiny bit of olive oil in a skillet to melt cheese and brown tortilla
  • Edamame  – Organic frozen edamame, steamed and very lightly salted
  • Blueberries – organic, Sofie picked these at the farm store we visited the Friday before

Consumption: She ate all 70% of the quesadillas (which was a lot), most of the blueberries and some edamame.





  • Ground pork with rice – seasoned ground pork mixed in with organic white rice
  • Cherry tomatoes – Sofie picked these out at a farm we went to the Friday before
  • Bosch Pear – organic

Consumption: Didn’t do too well, only ate the tomatoes. Something had been bugging her the night before, maybe allergies. We were worried she had yet another cold.




  • Green olive pizza – Whole foods organic pizza dough made into a mini pizza with organic mozzarella cheese, organic tomato sauce and green olives from the Whole Foods olive bar
  • Gala apple – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: She ate everything but the crusts.





  • Mini whole wheat bagel
  • Ham – sliced thick from the deli at Whole Foods and cut into flower shapes
  • Carrots – organic, cooked to soften just a little that morning
  • Low-fat mozzarella cheese – organic, cut into letter shapes
  • Apple – organic from our Frog Hollow Farm CSA

Consumption: She ate all the cheese and a couple bites of everything else. 

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