A Better Lunchbox – Week Seven, October 2010

Once again, Sofie had a bit of a strange week with food. One day she would eat very well, the next she wouldn’t literally. Monday and Wednesday she ate poorly, Tuesday and Thursday she ate almost everything in site. She has also been particularly cranky and quick to get frustrated. We’re thinking she may be coming down with another cold, or working through some developmental milestone. I hope she isn’t sick again, we’re meeting a family on Sat of a boy she goes to school with and have already had to cancel on them once when Sofie was sick. I didn’t quite realize how often she’d get sick now that she has started school. Hopefully in the end this is doing good things for her immune system and soon her colds will be less frequent.



  • Cheese and avocado quesadillas – organic tortilla lightly filled with organic Mexican cheese mix and thin avocado slices, folded over then cooked with a tiny bit of olive oil in a skillet to melt cheese and brown tortilla
  • Black beans  – Organic canned
  • Baby broccoli – steamed, organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA 
  • Strawberries – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: Not so great. She ate all the strawberries, a couple pieces of broccoli (when I was there), a few beans and just 3 bites of quesadilla. She said she didn’t like the quesadilla. Lesson, just because she loves avocado doesn’t mean she’ll like it in anything else.




  • Pan seared pork chop – pounded to tenderize, then seasoned with garlic salt and pan seared
  • French baguette butter sandwiches – shaped sandwiches from leftover baguette with a little butter
  • Baby broccoli – steamed, organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA 
  • Strawberries – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA
  • Apple sauce – homemade just the afternoon before with a mix of local organic apples we got through Happy Girl Kitchen’s Food Preservationist offering. (recipe)

Consumption: Except for the broccoli and apple sauce she ate everything! She ate some of the apple sauce but told me there were seeds in it so she didn’t eat it all. Since there are no seeds, she must not like the apple skin. I made it with the skins to keep all their nutrition. I guess I’ll have to strain them out next time for her.



  • Homemade chicken fingers – Organic chicken breast dipped in organic buttermilk then dredged in seasoned organic flour and corn meal and pan fried in olive oil.
  • Rice balls – sushi rice with nori decorations
  • Peas – organic and frozen, cooked that morning
  • Raspberries – organic

Consumption: She only at the raspberries and 2/3 of the rice.



  • Green olive and spinach pizza – organic pizza dough, all natural pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese (amount = one cheese stick), green olives from deli, finely chopped baby spinach
  • Strawberries – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA . Last minute I swapped out the apple for strawberries.

Consumption: She ate almost every last bite, including most of the pizza crust!

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