A Better Lunchbox – Week Eight, October 2010

Sofie’s aliments from the week before continued into this week, with a lack of appetite on Monday and Tuesday. When we realized probably had the flu and was pretty tired we kept her home the rest of the week. At least she was better in time to go to her school’s Halloween party at the end of the week!



  • Homemade avocado rolls – Since she loves them so much, I decided to try to make them myself so they’d be fresher for her than when we buy them at whole foods the day before
  • Edamame  – Organic, frozen, cooked that am
  • Raspberries – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA 
  • Orange pieces – organic from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: She ate about half of the avocado maki, a bit of the onigiri and that was about it. Obviously, still dealing with being under the weather.




Consumption: She barely ate anything – all day.

Wednesday – Out sick

Thursday – Out sick

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