A Better Lunchbox–Week 9, November 2010

Sofie’s flu symptoms still linger a bit this week but I think we’re at the tail end. Once again, I really didn’t realize just how often she’d get sick now that she has started preschool! It is so hard to see your little one ill. Thankfully, she hasn’t caught anything too serious. But I do hope this “sick almost every week” phase ends soon.




  • Pancakes – homemade egg-free pancakes leftover from Sunday breakfast
  • Yoghurt – Plain organic Clover (a local company) yoghurt with a little vanilla added
  • Strawberries – organic & local from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: She only ate a few strawberries and pancake pieces. Not much of an appetite at breakfast either.


Sofie's Lunch - 2010 Nov 2


  • Chicken, spinach with brown rice
  • Gala apple – organic and local

Consumption: She ate almost every bite. I think she would have finished everything if she hadn’t spilled the last little bit of rice on the floor by accident. Yay! What a relief.


   Sofie's Lunch - 2010 Nov 3

  • Avocado maki – from Whole Foods
  • Edamame – organic, from sushi counter at Whole Foods
  • Gala apple – organic & local

Consumption: She ate most of the sushi, half of the apple and half of the edamame. I’ll take that as a good lunch.



  • Roast chicken breast – organic & local chicken, roasted a couple nights ago for dinner, cut into easy to eat strips for lunch
  • Whole grain bread – organic, cut into fun shapes
  • Peas – organic, frozen, cooked that am
  • Red seedless grapes – organic & local, from our Eating with the Seasons CSA

Consumption: Almost everything! Only a few small pieces of bread left (and I had almost 2 whole slices in there to start), a couple small bits of chicken and about half of the peas.

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