A Better Lunchbox–Week13, December 2010

This week my husband really helped out a lot with preparing Sofie’s lunches! Thanks honey!

Sofie’s appetite has been a little strange this week (though strange seems to be the norm!), I think due to her still getting over the bad flu she has last week and adjusting back to the West Coast time after a week in Boston for Thanksgiving. She has been super hungry for breakfast and then less so the rest of the day so far.



  • Pork chop – seasoned with garlic salt and pan seared.
  • Rice balls – organic white rice shaped with rice molds and decorated with nori cut outs
  • Broccoli – organic, steamed
  • Raspberries – organic

Consumption: She ate all of the rice, raspberries and a couple pieces of pork and broccoli.



  • Chicken/spinach/rice – prepared my usual way: seasoned ground chicken (thigh) sautéed with shallots and garlic, then lots of finely chopped baby spinach added and cooked for another couple minutes.
  • Raspberries – organic

Consumption: She ate all of the raspberries and most of the rice.



  • Chicken skewers – marinated chicken breast, cooked on the grill
  • Whole grain bread – cut into fun shapes
  • Broccoli – organic, steamed
  • Blueberries – organic

Consumption: She only ate the blueberries! She said she just wasn’t that hungry.



  • Chicken/spinach/rice – same batch from earlier in the week. I wanted to be sure she ate well and this seems to be something she always eats.
  • Clementine Mandarin Orange – organic and local from our Frog Hollow Farm CSA

Consumption: She ate all of the orange and 2/3rds of the rice.

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