A Better Lunchbox – Week 14, December 6-9 2010

I thought I’d take a moment to stress that by titling this series as “A Better Lunchbox”, I am by no means passing judgment on anyone.  I am not saying these lunches are the best in the world. I am merely striving to continue to create better school lunches for my daughter, to keep improving, and to me that means, healthy, tasty, eco-conscious and fun. I try to use wholesome ingredients and stay away from processed foods – though we are not fanatic. I try to be waste free and avoid excess packaging but sometimes, especially with kids, prepackaged snacks can go a long way to helping you stay sane so we do have some in our cupboards. At the core, I am really trying to instill good eating habits, a love for quality food and an appreciation for where our food comes from, but with pickiness being a common toddler trait it can often be a challenge! Perhaps these entries will give you some ideas to try and I also welcome any ideas you have to share with me!



  • Pancakes – egg free pancakes we made on Sunday. (recipe)
  • Breakfast sausage – organic pork breakfast sausage from Whole Foods 
  • Mixed fruit – organic

Consumption: She everything except for a few pieces of sausage.



  • Chicken fingers – homemade, organic chicken breast coasted dipped in organic milk, then coated with seasoned brown rice flour and pan fried. 
  • Cucumber – organic
  • Pasta – organic
  • Orange – organic and local from our Frog Hollow Farm CSA

Consumption: She left only a couple bites of chicken and most of the cucumber.



  • Quesadilla – organic flour tortilla, organic Mexican blend shredded cheese, organic baby spinach finely chopped
  • Mixed fruit – organic

Consumption: She left only a few end bits of quesadilla!


No school. Sofie had a bit of a fall the night before so we kept her home for observation.

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