My tea habit has become very expensive

If you read my post about the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker, then you know how I have recently been enjoying some lovely cups of tea courtesy of my husband who got me the tea maker and some amazingly yummy loose tea for Christmas.

Well, on Saturday I was almost out of the tea and absolutely had to get more before I ran out completely! Jeromy kindly went to the store to refill the canisters of my favorites. He returned bearing the wonderful teas and a comment on how I probably now had the most expensive habit in the house. The price of the tea was hidden in the costs of the gift box he had them assemble for me for my Christmas present. He shared how much the tea cost and I was shocked! I didn’t realize tea could be that expensive. For my week and a half’s worth of tea leaves, we could have had a nice dinner out for two with wine.

Given how much tea I drink, I really can’t spend that much every week and a half! So, I’m on the hunt for tea that will satisfy, yet is more reasonably priced.

I actually think that one of the tea bags I had been using before sells loose tea as well. I’ll have to look into that.

I know that Tazo now sells loose tea as well. Their Awake tea is nice, but it hasn’t been top of my list.

Anyone have any suggestions for good strong black loose tea that won’t break the bank?

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