My tea secret: I do drink chamomile tea sometimes

Yes, it is true. This die hard, tea-can-never-be-too-dark-or-too-strong tea drinker, who shuns herbal teas, actually enjoys a cup of chamomile tea occasionally. A fact I find hard to believe myself and am almost reluctant to admit!

I consider myself a serious tea drinker, and that means drinking strong black tea (green tea occasionally too). I love a fresh piping hot cup of ultra strong black tea with a little honey and milk. I honestly don’t even really count herbal teas as tea. But I found myself with a gap that needed filling. I would sometimes want a warm cup of something soothing in the evening after dinner. Historically, I’d just have a cup of regular tea or even coffee. The warmth of the beverage would relax me and often help me get cozy and fall asleep. The caffeine didn’t bother me at all. However, since I had my daughter in 2008 my system has changed (this just one of many) and now caffeine in the evening seems to make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.  So so sad. I actually don’t sleep quite as well in general, which could be for a multitude of reasons. But I do love sleep and so a caffeinated drink in the late evening is no longer an option. I had to figure something else out. I decided to give chamomile tea another try. I figured it was worth it, especially if the claims are true that it can help you fall asleep. Two perks in one.

I picked up a box of Allegro Fine Tea: Organic Relaxing Chamomile. My gap was filled! It was tasty (though not to be compared with black tea since I still feel they are in totally different categories) and soothing. I enjoyed having the warm drink and for one reason or another it did help me unwind and in turn, helped me sleep.

So when I’m craving a warm drink at night or feel a little too wound up, I make a cup of this chamomile tea (with just a touch of honey). There…my secret it out.

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