Attempted Filipino Chicken Adobo

One of my favorite discoveries since moving out to California has been all of the amazing street food vendors. One of my favorites is Adobo Hobo, who introduced me to the deliciousness of Filipino Chicken Adobo. Hapa SF is another Filipino street food truck offering up tasty treats and a nice adobo, though my favorite item from them is their lumpia. You can read a little more about them in my Best Of…Food and Drink post.

Well, I liked the chicken adobo so much that I wanted to try to learn how to make it. I searched around online for recipes. They all varied quite a bit so I decided to blend them to come up with what I thought would be a successful dish. Perhaps it might have worked out better if I had stopped there. But I also decided to make it a slow cooker recipe. Yes, even though I only just got my first ever slow cooker this past Christmas and had only used it once to make meatballs.

But you have to try if you ever want to succeed! So I went for it.

Unfortunately, my adobo chicken was not going to win any awards. While it has some potential, it needs a lot of work and is far from the smooth flavored adobo from Adobo Hobo. I’m going to focus on perfecting it on the stove top before I try the slow cooker again. That way I can make more adjustments as it cooks. I’ll have to do more online research too, my recipe needs a lot of changes. It is tough since there is so much variation with the online recipes. Perhaps the guys from Adobo Hobo will send me a tip or two, or even their recipe! (Adobo Hobo: I promise not to post it if you share and ask me not to!! Perhaps I can just pictures noting a secret recipe!) …hey, can’t blame me for trying!

Anyway, I thought I’d share some photos of the endeavor anyway.







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