Food Truck Review: Dim Sum Charlie’s (Napa, CA)

Dim Sum Charlie’s
Usually located on 1st St, between Soscol Ave and McKinstry St.
Per their Facebook page: Closed Mondays then reopen Tuesday evening at 5PM. Thursday through Sunday we are open 11:30AM until late-late night

IMAG0011I have now been to Dim Sum Charlie’s four times. It’s a dim sum food truck, how could I not? But while I really really want to love it, it is loosing its allure. The food is actually pretty expensive, especially for dim sum. Yes, it is organic, but still. My last meal there included a bowl of udon with roast pork, an order of chicken and chive dumplings and an order of roast pork buns and it was $30!! If it was the best of all of those things I had ever eaten, then maybe it would have been worth it, but unfortunately it wasn’t. The udon broth was pretty good, but it ended there. The pork buns were ok, I think I kept getting them because they reminded me of what I’d get when I was young. The chicken and chive dumplings however are probably the best of them I have ever had. So I will likely hit them up for an order of those every time I am in the area.

All that said, I do recommend you go at least once. It is still super fun. You go up and grab a menu and then check off everything you want to try. They have a few samplers that may be a good way to go. Just be sure you get an order of the chicken and chive dumplings. The sui mai is good too. Then you have the option of getting your food to go, or sitting at one of their picnic tables to have you meal. It is a quirky spot. They have lights strung up, music playing, heat lamps and even a fire pit. There are a few olive trees around. It currently sits next to a construction site but that adds to the charm, the site has always been quiet when we’ve been there. 


View from the road of their set up.


Sofie sitting on a bench next to an olive tree we wait for our food.


Take out box with pork buns.

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