Restaurant Review: Go Fish (St Helena, CA)

Go Fish
641 Main Street, St. Helena, CA 94574 

IMG_1051We love this place! The menu is fresh and interesting. Some classics but also some twists. I love all the seafood options, both West Coast and Japanese styles. The restaurant itself is open and airy with lots of natural light (we’ve only ever been there for lunch). It is a really enjoyable place to spend a meal. The restaurant is named after the children’s card game, so you know even though it is nice, it won’t be too stuffy! Perfect for families who enjoy going out for great meals.

It was a nice touch that the hostess remembered us from our last visit, which was 2 months ago!

They have a kids menu with nice options, even healthy ones! They provide crayons, kids can color on the menu. Their tablecloths have a top layer of paper for even more coloring! They have little clips to help kids use chopsticks should they want to. They do not have kid’s cups, but that is never a problem for us since we always have water bottle for Sofie with us.

Now, let me tell you about my favorite dishes: 

Appetizer: Japanese Vegetable Tempura, green tea salt
The best tempura I have ever had! The batter was light, not too greasy and had great flavor. The vegetables were not overcooked, they still had some bite to them. There was a big variety. But the most interesting thing was the green tea salt! It was so tasty!! I liked it so much that we bought some green tea salt at a spice shop at OxBow Market the next day.

Special Sushi Roll: Shrimp Tempura roll with lobster and tobkio on top, served with a wasabi butter sauce
This was a special one day and it was too tempting to pass up. I did get it without tobiko. It was spectacular. I was a little worried it would be too big to fit in my mouth and that the lobster would be tough, but I was wrong on both counts. The bites were well portioned and the lobster was super tender. Probably the most tender I have ever had, and I have had a lot of lobster! What surprised me the most was the wasabi butter sauce. It was smooth with just the right amount of bite. I wish all sushi came with it! If you go and they have this special, get it, you will not be sorry. 

Salad: Crispy Duck Salad, watercress, frisee, persimmons, pistachios, vinaigrette (I believe the fruit changes seasonally)
Yum, yum, yum! The duck is warm, crispy, fork tender on the inside and not greasy. The rest of the dish is a perfect complement to the rich duck from the slight tartness of the vinaigrette to the fresh sweetness of the fruit to the nuttiness and texture of the pistachios. I’ve had this twice now.

So if you are in the St. Helena area, definitely stop here for a meal. We always make a reservation on but they have never been super crowded the times we have been there for lunch.

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