Restaurant Review: Fish Story (Napa, CA)

Fish Story
790 Main Street at Third, Napa, CA 94559 (Napa Riverfront)




We had lunch at Fish Story before we headed home. We did make a reservation but it wasn’t too crowded at noon. If you plan to go much later I would recommend a reservation, it did get pretty packed while we were there.

For kids:

  • They have nice kid’s menu, including free carrot and celery sticks.
  • They have crayons and the menu is covered in activities.
  • They have fun kid’s cups.

For adults:

  • They have a great menu and great wine!
  • Service was good

As for food, my daughter had the grilled chicken breast with kettle chips and milk. The chicken was really tasty! I had the calamari appetizer, the crab cake appetizer and a side of kale. The calamari was incredible, the best I have ever had. It didn’t even need a dipping sauce, just a squeeze of lemon. The crab cake was full of lots of crab meat, but was just ok. It felt a little on the greasy side, though I did enjoy the salad it came with. I did request regular tartar sauce instead of the habanero tarter is usually comes with (I’m a wimp when it comes to heat!) Unfortunately, while the kale looked beautiful it wasn’t to my liking. It was too smoky tasting for me. My husband had a bite though and loved it. I also had a glass of August Kesseler “R” Riesling, Rheingau 2008 which went very well with my meal. My husband had oysters and enjoyed them.

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