A Better Lunchbox – Week 21, Jan 24–27 2011



  • Cream cheese and Strawberry Jam sandwich – organic cream cheese, Happy Girl Low sugar Strawberry jam, organic multigrain bread
  • Strawberries – organic and local…yay local strawberries starting to show up!!

Consumption: She everything except a couple bites of sandwich.


Instead of the finished product, here’s a shot of all the toppings for Sofie’s pizza! I made it quickly in the morning before she woke up.


  • Pizza – organic low fat mozzarella, organic spinach, green olives, pizza sauce, organic pizza dough
  • Strawberries – organic and local

Consumption: She only left the crusts.



  • Chicken fingers – made the usual way
  • Barley – organic, quick cooking
  • Green Beans – organic, steamed
  • Raspberries – organic and local

Consumption: She ate all the chicken fingers and raspberries, maybe a couple pieces of green bean. She claimed to not like the barley…I don’t think she tried it!

Thursday – Sofie stayed home

A Better Lunchbox[4][2]Check out every week here: A Better Lunchbox – Healthy, Sustainable and Fun

3 Responses to “A Better Lunchbox – Week 21, Jan 24–27 2011”
  1. Rene says:

    I am soooooooo impressed Jeannie with all you do to help our little munchkin eat well. Kudos to you

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