A Better Lunchbox–Week 25, February 21–24 2011

Monday – President’s Day, no school




  • Pasta – organic, plain
  • Cherry Tomatoes – organic
  • Edamame – organic, frozen, cooked that morning
  • Cheese – organic Colby cheese
  • Strawberries – organic and local

Consumption: She ate most of everything except the edamame.




  • Pork chop – seasoned with garlic salt and pan seared with a little olive oil
  • Rice balls – organic sushi rice, molded and decorated with nori cutouts
  • Carrots – organic, raw, cut into flower shapes and sticks
  • Strawberries – organic & local

Consumption: She left only a couple pieces of pork chop and a few carrot sticks (she ate all of the flower shaped ones)





  • Chicken fingers – homemade, organic chicken breast coated in organic milk then seasoned organic brown rice flour and pan fried in olive oil
  • Udon – plain
  • Baby Broccolli – organic & local from our veggie CSA, Eating with the Seasons
  • Strawberries and Blueberries – organic

Consumption: She left one chicken finger and some broccolli


A-Better-Lunchbox4Check out every week here: A Better Lunchbox – Healthy, Sustainable and Fun

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