Best Sandwich Ever: At Fish in Sausalito, CA

350 Harbor Drive
Sausalito, CA 94965
No reservations, a few tables inside, a bunch outside. Order at the counter and find your own table.

If you are within an hour of this place it is worth the drive to get one of their crab sandwiches. It is seriously the best sandwich I have ever had. If you like lobster rolls you will go crazy for this crab version. It is stuffed with copious amounts of delicious crab meat lightly tossed with butter and chives and served on a soft Acme Bakery torpedo roll. Every bite is chock full of great crab flavor, everything else just enhances it. It is not your typical seafood roll coated in tonnes of mayo, this is the real deal where the seafood is the priority. The fries on the side are also winners. Along with being the best sandwich I have ever had, it is also the most expensive, coming in at $25! But, I am telling you it is well worth it.

So far we’ve been there twice and I’ve had the crab sandwich both times. My husband though has enjoyed their oysters and their salmon sandwich. I tried a bite of the salmon and I’m not sure how they get so much flavor in it! You get a great salmon flavor enhanced with a bright, fresh marinade. Yum.

They have lots on the menu, so I’m sure everyone in your party will be happy. They also have nice wine and beer options. When you get there you’ll order at a counter and get a number, a server will then bring you your food when it is ready. Seating is open, some indoor seating, some outdoor making it kid and dog friendly! It is a really lovely setting on the water with a little marina. Besides the good food, it is a really nice place to relax and have a meal. You’ll see a station to pick up your cutlery and napkins, self serve.

All of that AND they are committed to sustainable seafood and supporting the local economy. How can I not love them?

Some important tips:

– they only take cash!

– get there just before opening, any later and you’ll be waiting at the back of a long line

– the restroom is a public one around the corner

– while you are there be sure to stop in the Heath Ceramics store for a factory tour! We love their stuff.

And the photos…







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