Excited for year 2 of our edible garden

It was about a year ago that work was completed on our landscaping project when we added a number of edibles to our yard. Having just moved from the Boston area I was fascinated by all of the fruit trees in our neighborhood and the possibilities for our own yard. I soon decided that if we were going to plant something new, why not make it edible!

Plants take time to establish and produce, especially in our shady backyard. Last year we got a dozen strawberries, 3 blueberries and one meyer lemon. This year, we have already picked 2 more lemons and there are more waiting on the tree. 2 Moro Blood Oranges are ripening, our spearmint and chives are coming back and leaves and buds are forming everywhere else. Potted herbs have started to show up at the farmer’s markets, so I’ll soon pick up some annuals to replenish our herb boxes. I am very excited to see what our little garden produces this year!

Raspberry bushes are coming in quickly, we have 2 in our yard.


Leaves are popping out of our Dwarf Black Mission Fig tree. I really hope we get some figs this year, I can’t wait to eat them right off the tree still warm from the sun!


Those flowers mean future blueberries! Hopefully we get to them before the chickens or other critters in the yard.


The trellis next to my daughter is where our grape vine is growing, so far no signs of new growth.DSC01578

Here’s a shot of our cherry espalier, leaves are forming! DSC01591

Our Bay bush has looked lovely all through the winter and provided many leaves for cooking!


Those two Moro Blood Oranges have been a year in the making! New flowers are beginning to form, once they are in full bloom the aroma will be heavenly, intoxicating even!


Spearmint coming back. This is the variety of mint used in Mojitos!


Our Meyer Lemon tree has given us 3 lemons so far and has 4 more waiting to be picked. New flowers forming too. This is all despite being situated in a very poor location!


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