Babies are babies and moms are moms

My bond with these little chicks was almost immediate. So much so that to my surprise, I have been reliving some of the same emotions I had when Sofie was a new infant! Not to the same degree, but definitely present. I find myself worrying about them, whether they are too cold or too warm, if they are all eating and drinking properly. I worried terribly when a couple of our chicks seemed less energetic than the rest. I even found myself feeling overwhelmed for a few minutes in the car ride home from dropping Sofie off at preschool just 3 days after we got the chicks, thinking, what did we get into?! All emotions I felt as a new first time mom to a human baby…yes, even thinking, what did we get into?! I think a lot of it has to do with the “first time” bit. Just not knowing what is in the spectrum of normal, and so anything slightly different is a worry. Though they are all thriving and worrying is just part of being a baby chick parent. We love them lots and all is well.

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