A Better Lunchbox–Week 30, March 28 – March 31 2011

We kept Sofie home again on Monday but by Tuesday she was well enough for school and enjoyed the rest of the week playing with her friends and working on projects at school.

Monday – stayed home sick.



  • Cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich – organic whole wheat bread, organic cream cheese, Happy Girl Kitchen low sugar strawberry jam
  • Cherry Tomatoes & Broccoli – organic
  • Orange – organic and local from our fruit CSA with Frog Hollow Farm

Consumption: She ate about half of everything.




  • Pasta – organic, plain
  • Ham – nitrate free 
  • Cheese – organic colby
  • Peas – organic, from frozen
  • Blueberries – local and organic! Glad they are back!

Consumption: She ate all of the pasta, blueberries, most of the cheese, some of the peas and about 1/3 of the ham. She sometimes just isn’t that into meat.



  • Chicken, spinach, rice – all organic, with shallots and garlic
  • Strawberries – local and organic

Consumption: Only a couple bites of rice left!

A-Better-Lunchbox4Check out every week here: A Better Lunchbox – Healthy, Sustainable and Fun

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