Just signed up for the Surfside Chickens CSA

Yay! I just sent in our deposit for a share with Surfside Chickens. They are located about an hour away in Watsonville, CA and humanely raise pastured chickens for eggs and the table. Since we’ll have our own little backyard flock of chickens for eggs, we’re only interested in Surfside’s meat chickens. Over the last few months I had seen numerous people in the various groups I belong to mention how great their chickens are and how good their operation is. So I decided to look into them. After reviewing their website and taking into account the recommendations I had come across for them, we decided to sign up.

Their CSA delivers to various drop sites in the Bay area every other week. You sign up to receive 1-4 chickens at each delivery, or as few as 4 per season. They are delivered whole, cleaned and super fresh.

We were a little late to the game and missed out on shares through our veggie CSA (Eating with the Seasons) and on full shares directly from Surfside. But for the first time, this year, Surfside is offering “Provisional Shares”, which they still had a few spots for and so that is what we are signed up for. With a provisional share, we pay a reduced initial deposit and are not guaranteed availability at every pickup. So we may not get a chicken each time, but getting them some of the time will still be a plus, so we’re happy to take the opportunity.

I’m looking forward to sharing the dishes we prepare with these chickens! We will probably roast some whole, but I’ll also hone my skills at breaking down chickens so we have the various parts to use in different preparations.

Yay to knowing exactly where our chicken meat is coming from and how they are raised. Another step toward a more mindful and sustainable life! Now…do we sign up for a half hog?

Update! June 2011

They had some more shares open up so we’re now getting one chicken every 2 weeks. Our pick up is at the downtown Palo Alto Famer’s Market on Saturdays – so easy! They may have more available – email them if you are interested!

The chicken has been amazing. We’ve made a roast chicken with five spice and just this weekend, Ad Hoc fried chicken, which came out perfectly! You can taste the high quality and freshness of the chicken. And they have been so well prepared, extremely clean, much more pleasant to work with than store bought chicken. I had no problem working with a whole chicken and breaking it down into 10 pieces for frying!

One Response to “Just signed up for the Surfside Chickens CSA”
  1. Rene says:

    Oh this sounds so wonderful….M and I used to get fresh chickens and turkeys from farms north of Birr. Nothing, but nothing tastes better than fresh poultry.

    I know Jamie has a few recipes and I and sure your Portugese Chicken would be out of this world. Maybe if we come for a visit….what do you think?

    I have also used ground chicken for chili, but I wouldn’t want to grind the meat myself. Cleaning could be problematic.

    I have a very simple recipe for roast chicken. Really simple. Let me know and I’ll give it to you and it takes most of the fat out. Of course your hubby will want to grill it. Remember “brick or beer” chicken.

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