IMG_1410Around mid-morning, I poked my head into the bathroom where our chicks are to check on them one last time before I headed out with my daughter for a few hours. I was startled by the site of our Barred Plymouth Rock chick perched on the rim of their brooder. We knew it would happen sooner or later and we knew she would be the first to accomplish it. She looked so happy there I didn’t have the heart to place her back in the brooder. I stepped away for a few minutes to see what she would do. She made her own way back in. I hope she’s smart enough to realize that’s as far as she should go since her food, water and buddies remain in the brooder. But she seems the daring type, so I am glad we have another barrier at the bathroom door should one of them make it out of the brooder. While I don’t think our dog would hurt them, I don’t want to take the chance of an unsupervised interaction. Plus, stumbling across bird poop in the living room would not be fun.

Later this afternoon, our Barred Rock was back up there…sleeping this time! She was balanced so perfectly, looking completely at east, and asleep that once again I couldn’t bare to move her back down to the brooder. Also, it is nice to just let them be, doing what seems natural to them. Since then she has been back up and down a few times. I am sure am letting a bad habit develop. I’m off to the hardware store tomorrow to find some small gauge chicken wire or something similar to put across the top. No free roaming in the house. I can’t wait till they can go outside, I am sure they will love it. They seem to be eager to get onto some dirt and grass. 

I posted some photos I took about a week ago and the input is that our Ameraucanas and Javas are all girls! Which is so great. We were beginning to wonder if both Javas were boys given they seem so much larger than all of the rest, but I guess that is typical of the breed. This weekend we will take more photos of all of them to get opinions once more on gender. From what little we know, they do seem to all be girls to us. Once the experts weigh in, we have to make the very very tough decision of who to keep and who to rehome, since we can only keep a max of 5 hens.

Here’s a selection of photos I took last week. I focused on the straight run chicks so I could get photos to post for opinions on gender.

Mottled Javas (4 weeks)


Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas (4 weeks)
I cannot get over how cute their fuzzy faces are!


Blue Birchen Marans (3 weeks)


Barred Plymouth Rock aka Houdini (3 weeks)
Sorry it is so dark…I was figuring out the best place to take the photos while worrying if they were going to bolt as soon as I put them on the floor.


Easter Egger (3 weeks)


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