A tissue holder with style! Serious style!

I always hated having those terribly ugly tissue boxes around the house, since, well, they look terrible. It was especially disheartening in high profile places like the living room or kitchen. So despite my sensitive nose often needing a tissue, I have usually forgone tissue boxes in public zones of the house. I will break down sometimes and get a box, usually during allergy or cold season, go through it pretty quickly, and then take forever to replace it.

But those days are behind me. No more strife over ugly tissue boxes! We stumbled across this little gem, the Paper Pot. See and behold its beauty. Ours is green and currently adorning our kitchen island. Feel free to oh and ah.


It is easy to use and looks great. You simply open it up, lay some tissues over the included bar, push the corner of a tissue through the whole in the top and then screw the 2 pieces together. Simple. We managed to figure it out even though all of the materials were in Japanese. Images below so you can see how simple it is to fill. Keep in mind, you’ll need to buy the long boxes of tissues, versus the more square versions. They lay perfectly in the Paper Pot.



While it is not eco-friendly for many reasons (one being is hails from Japan), it is, in my opinion, this is worth the splurge.

For more details and to purchase your own, visit Yanko Design. It’s sold for $40 and comes in a multitude of colors.

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