A Better Lunchbox–Week 35, May 2 – May 5 2011



  • Organic Sprouted wheat bun (1/2)
  • Boccalone Italian Sausage – grilled the night before for dinner (http://www.boccalone.com/ )
  • Cherry Tomatoes – organic
  • Blueberries – organic and local

Consumption: She left 2/3 of the bun (it was a lot for a 3yr old) and a few pieces of sausage.



  • Organic Whole Wheat Alphabet pasta – cooked that am and tossed with a tiny bit of organic butter and salt
  • Cherry Tomatoes – organic
  • Strawberries – organic and local from our fruit CSA with Frog Hollow Farm

Consumption: She ate about half of everything.



  • Rice Shapes – organic sushi rice molded and decorated with nori 
  • Chicken – organic chicken breast, marinated and grilled the night before as dinner
  • Carrots – organic and local
  • Blueberries – local and organic

Consumption: She decided it wasn’t a meat day and ate everything except the chicken.


You might have noticed I’m repeating a bunch of items throughout the week, that’s because I’m trying to buy what is in season and ripe…and then trying to be sure we use it all up!


  • Pasta – organic, plain, cooked that morning
  • Cheddar Cheese – she had a sample at the grocery store a couple days prior and liked it so we got some for her lunch.
  • Cherry Tomatoes – organic
  • Strawberries – local and organic

Consumption: She ate all of the pasta, some strawberries, some tomatoes and a couple pieces of cheese. Apparently she had strawberries for snack at school…and she must have had her fill.

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