A Better Lunchbox–Week 36, May 9 – May 12 2011


I thought I’d share a different view of the pizza I make for Sofie. Here is is baking in the oven right before school. It is so quick and easy to make that it is worth it to make it fresh. Pizza that has been in the fridge just isn’t as tasty, especially since she eats it slightly cool/room temp. Unfortunately, they can’t reheat it in an oven for her at school.


  • Homemade pizza – low-fat organic mozerella, organic spinach, natural pizza sauce
  • Blueberries – organic and local (not pictured)

Consumption: She left the crusts.



  • Organic chicken, spinach and rice – with shallots and garlic. Ground chicken seasoned with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, a dash of garlic powder and a tiny bit of sugar.
  • Blueberries – organic and local (not pictured)

Consumption: She just left a bit of rice.


No school. Took Sofie to her allergist’s office for a food challenge to see if she has outgrown her egg allergy. We only made it 1/3 of the way through the challenge before she refused to eat more egg. The good news is that was enough for her doc to tell us we could continue to try at home and that things are very hopeful!



  • Rice shapes – organic sushi rice molded with Japanese rice molds and decorated with nori cut outs
  • Organic Pork Chop – seasoned with garlic salt and sautéed with olive oil
  • Broccoli – organic & local, steamed that morning. Freshly steamed is much tastier.
  • Strawberries – local and organic from our Eating With the Seasons  CSA.

Consumption: Only 2 little pieces of pork were left! She ate way more than I would have even wished for!

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