Simple Flower Carrots


These are super easy and quick to make if you have the right tool!

Many kids gobble up carrots, raw or cooked. Sofie is not one of them. Though if she is in the right mood, she will eat them, especially when she is thinking about how much her Dad loves to eat them. She loves to be like Dad.

Raw carrots are, however, a wonderful thing to include in her lunchbox for school. One day I decided to cut her carrots into simple flower shapes and hope the cuteness encouraged her to eat them. It worked like a charm! She gobbles them up. Cute and fun is always a good thing. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the thin nature makes them easy to chew.

You can easily do this for your child too. It takes me just a few minutes in the morning, or could be done ahead of time too!

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Small Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters small veggie cutters
    You can actually order a set for a mere $10 from Amazon! I’ve used them on vegetables, cheese, lunch meat and bread. Well worth the investment.
  • 1-2 thick carrots
    You want one with a wide enough diameter to accommodate the vegetable cutter. Our local Whole Foods sells loose carrots so I’m able to pick the thickest for this purpose.


    1. Wash the carrot. No need to peel since you’ll be cutting out the center. One time saver!

    2. Slice thin rings starting on the thicker end to be sure you have large enough discs.


    3. Lay a carrot slice flat on a cutting board, center the cutter on it and them press down using your palm until the cutter has gone through the carrot.  You may have to use your finger to poke out the flower you just made. Keep going until you have enough. And that’s it! If you are making a lot you may need more than one carrot since you’ll just use the thicker end.

    DSC02560DSC02561DSC02563 DSC02575

    4. Give remainder of carrot to Dad

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