Super Cute Animal Picks

51Tl4K6NA1L__SL500_AA300_ I just saw that you can get them through Amazon now! And they are Prime eligible! If you have young kids, you need to order these now before they sell out. Whether it is for meals, snacks or parties you will use them and kids will love them.

These are crazy cute and help make meal time fun for toddlers and young kids. Sometimes my daughter can be tough at meal times and some days pickier than others. If you have a toddler, you know what I mean. Well, she happily ate 2 big servings of peas with the help of little picks like these. I had pre-poked some peas on about 3 of them and she ate them before anything else on her plate. Then she had fun poking more (or having me poke more) and eating them up. I should note that the 2 prong ones are a bit tougher to use, especially for small peas. We use the larger ones with thinner prongs most often. I often include them in her lunchbox to add some fun and to encourage her to eat.

When I first got them for Sofie they were very hard to find. I scoured numerous bento box related sites, many had them but were sold out. I finally found a couple packs and have used them often. I include them in her lunchbox sometimes to help eat things like olives, fruit and small pieces of meat. They are even great for holding little bundles together, like ham (nitrate-free) around cheese.


4 Responses to “Super Cute Animal Picks”
  1. amy Rosenberg says:

    hi —
    i would love to get them..can u send amazon link?

  2. Just ordered some 🙂

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