Palo Alto Event: Garden Share – Neighbors swapping food, flowers and herbs from their gardens

I am in love with this concept! Neighbors getting together to swap items they have grown in their gardens! I have seen so many orange, lemon, line and fig trees throughout the year in our neigborhood just dripping with more fruit than the owner could possibly consume. How wonderful to have a place to bring any excess to share with your neighbors and possibly pick up something you don’t grow yourself!

Unfortunately for us, the 10 blueberries I just harvested from our tiny backyard garden didn’t leave us with any surplus to have anything to share this weekend, but I’m hopeful that our little garden will produce more and more each year and we will soon have some bounty to share, including fresh eggs from our little flock of chickens.

In the meantime though, I wanted to pass the word along about this event for those of you who do have goodies to share and are interested in swapping at this community event. Details from one of the organizers. (BTW, I heard about it through the South Bay Slow Food Chapter – a great group to join!)

Local Garden Share
Neighbors Sharing Food/Flowers/Herbs from their Gardens

Sunday, June 26 11am – noon FREE !
Common Ground Organic Garden Supply & Education Center
559 College Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Join us to share garden bounty. Bring what you have to share; take home
something you don’t. Think of it as a “free” backyard farmers’ market.

Bring your homegrown fruit, vegetables, eggs, herbs, honey, and flowers!

Throughout the Bay Area, neighbors are coming together for sharing locally
grown, fresh produce. Our Palo Alto sharing event is supported by a coalition of
community ecological organizations and neighborhood groups including: Acterra,
Barron Park Green Team, Barron Park Garden Network,Barron Park Assn, Common
Ground, City of Palo Alto Community Gardens, Slow Food South Bay, and Transition
Palo Alto.

Please pass this on as you will. We’re going to start to make this a regular
event, with more notice, better advertising and probably a second home in
Sunnyvale. Look for more details soon.

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