Are you getting the most out of your honey?


  • To get the full benefits from honey, it needs to be raw (specifically, unheated) and local (i.e. made by local bees collecting pollen from local plants).
  • A great local brand is Gipsons Golden Inc (Santa Rosa area)

I love honey. From before I can remember, honey has always been a household staple, used most often to sweeten hot black tea with milk. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I began to hear about honey’s medicinal properties. In particular, raw honey’s positive affect on seasonal allergies and general wellbeing. So I switched to buying honey labeled as raw. More recently I discovered that it is important that the honey is not heated to retain its full benefits, and that honey can actually be heated up to 160 degrees and still be labeled raw. Which means, it is important to know what to look for and to read labels. Even better, to really know where your honey is coming from.

I know reading labels and doing the legwork to really understand what you are buying can be exhausting. If you live in the Bay area, here’s one honey recommendation you may want to try – I’ve done the research for you!

DSC02646When we moved to Silicon Valley a little over a year ago, we had to start over with finding great local products. I’ve been fortunate to be introduced to Gipsons Golden Inc honey through our CSA with Eating With the Seasons. In addition to getting great fruit and veggies each week, we have the chance to order adds ons, such as this honey.

Gipsons’ honey is unstrained, unheated, untreated and non diluted. The real deal. And fairly local to us being based in Santa Rosa, CA.

While I encourage you to also check our our CSA, I have also seen Gipsons Golden at our local Whole Foods! Look out for it (although we get a better price through our CSA, I think we save a couple dollars a jar – which really adds up considering how quickly we go through it!)

In addition to putting this wonderful honey in my tea every morning, we use it lots of other ways from homemade granola bars to sweetening smoothies to our toddler eating it right off the spoon when she has a cough or sore throat.

Here’s the link to their website:

And in case you are curious, you can get details on our CSA at the Eating With The Seasons website:

3 Responses to “Are you getting the most out of your honey?”
  1. Did you check to make sure that they don’t medicate their bees or feed them sugar syrup? I just learned that most commercial beekeepers do, and the local farmers market honey we’ve been eating was from medicated bees who were fed cane sugar syrup 😦

    • Jeannie Carriere says:

      Yikes – I didn’t know that happened! I will be sure to find out now thanks to you! I’ll update my post once I know. Crazy.

      • Jeannie Carriere says:

        I am thrilled to hear that Gipson’s does not use those practices! 100% bee product.

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