Peanut-Free Almonds and Walnuts!

If you have anyone close to you with a peanut allergy, you know they are told to avoid all nutsdue to the high risk of cross contamination. And so, though they may not actually allergic to tree nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and pecans, they are all avoided. My daughter is allergic to peanuts; I have been searching for peanut-free nut options since nuts are so delicous and good for you. I am happy to report that I have found 2 peanut-free nut sources! And they are right here in the Bay area! Masa Organics ships if you aren’t local. Plus, both companies are committed to producing high quality products using sustainable practices. I am delighted to support both of them. A quick perusal of their sites and I’m sure you’ll feel the same! Here are some details on each of them, along with the specific products we have tried.

Masa Organics

They have organic raw and roasted almonds, smooth and crunchy almond butter, whole wheat flour and organic brown rice. The label on their almond butter clearly states that it is produced in a peanut-free factory! The smooth organic almond butter is now a staple in our home. It is so tasty! I love it on a brown rice cake with apple slices, my daughter likes to dip apple slices in it – both wonderful, long lasting snacks. They have organic raw and roasted almonds, smooth and crunchy almond butter, whole wheat flour and organic brown rice. You can get their products by ordering online directly from them or at their booth at the Ferry Building Sat Farmer’s Market, Fatted Calf locations and Eating With the Seasons CSA. Check their website for additional availability. So far we have tried the almond butter and brown rice.


Nut-N-Other Farms

They grow almonds and walnuts. I’ve communicated with the owner, Angie, who is super nice and she says her husband is actually also allergic to peanuts – so their products are most definitely peanut free! They sell their raw unpasteurized almonds, walnuts, almond meal and dehydrated sprouted almond butter. The raw almonds are very sweet – I previously would have never thought of describing almonds as sweet! The walnuts are also great and make amazing replacement to pine nuts in pesto. The almond meal makes homemade chicken fingers extra scrumptious. I have not tried the dehydrated sprouted almond butter yet, but will the next time I order from them since sprouted foods are more easily digested.

They are seasonally available at some farmer’s markets (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol) and deliver nuts to some drop points in the bay area. I believe we now have to wait till the fall for more almonds. I stocked up with 5 pounds last month – they store well in the freezer. I suggest emailing Angie so you can be notified when they have more! They also have eggs and poultry, but I’m not sure what the details on on availability, visit their website for more details or reach out to them.



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