Surfside Chicken Update

As you may have read, we had signed up for a provisional chicken CSA, meaning we’d get a chicken if they happened to have extras beyond filling their full CSA commitments. Well, a few more full CSA slots opened up and we snagged one as soon as we had the chance. We now receive a chicken once every other week, with the oh so convenient pick up at the downtown Palo Alto Farmer’s market. There may be a few more CSA spots open, I suggest you sign up ASAP, or at least visit them at the farmer’s market where they also sell any extra chickens and eggs they have. Be sure to get to their booth early as they sell out fast! Visit their site to see if there is a drop off site or farmer’s market they attend near you.

I really love how much wife and husband team, Sarah and Aurelio care about the well being of their chickens which translates into happy chickens that are treated with respect and great attention. They are truly dedicated. I just read on their Facebook page that they slept in the pasture last night while their fences were down to be sure all was safe and sound through the night!

The chickens are truly pasture raised, with supplements of organic feed and organic produce. You can see great photos of the chickens enjoying the fields on their Facebook page.

IMG_8193The chicken is really wonderful. You can taste the high quality and freshness of the chicken. And they have been so well prepared, extremely clean, much more pleasant to work with than store bought chicken. I had no problem working with a whole chicken and breaking it down into 10 pieces when we made fried chicken. And it has inspired me to be better about using the whole chicken – the leftover backbone is in our freezer waiting to be used to make stock/soup!

We have now had 3 chickens. We weren’t sure what to do with the first, so it is in our freezer. The second we made into a 5 spice roast chicken. The third into Ad Hoc Fried chicken using a mix we got from Williams Sonoma. We get our next one this Saturday and I’m already debating all the wonderful things we could make with it! I may see if I can adjust Jamie Oliver’s Crispy and sticky chicken thighs with squashed new potatoes and tomatoes recipe to use a whole chicken instead of just chicken thighs.

If you are looking for a way to get better chicken and support a wonderful local business, please consider Surfside Chickens (

And if you have never broken down a chicken before, there is a great step by step guide on Cooking for Engineers. I used it and the process was very easy!

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