The HUF girls are 4 months old!

So much has happened since I last posted a HUF chicken update! Our girls are growing up! They are all now just over 4 months old, which means we should see eggs soon! I can hardly believe it! Any day now! But I do have to remind myself that it could take longer too, heritage breeds sometimes don’t lay till they are 6 months old. Either way, we will be delighted.

They are amazing creatures. Every day I marvel at them. At their beauty, their curiosity. At their distinctive personalities and the clear bond they have with each other. I also love how interactive they are with us. They start chatting to us as soon as they think we are coming to see them and follow me around the yard as I tidy up. I feel quite privileged to have them as part of our family.

If any of you are curious as to how our coop and run are working – so far all goodness. The one thing that was missing from the run was a nice place to roost. We added a homemade one over the weekend and they love it. If you have an Omlet Cube and want to know details on how we added the roost just let me know, happy to share. We also added a hanging feeder when we went away for a few days to be sure they had plenty of food. We’ve decided to leave it in there all the time, I think they like having a couple places to find feed (in addition to scratching around). My other desire would be for a human height run so we could walk in it more easily!

It is funny, even though keeping their area clean, feeding and water is work, I find it somehow satisfying for the soul. It is always peaceful out in the yard with them. They need so little from us, yet give us so much in return…and we haven’t even gotten eggs yet!

Here are some glamor shots for your enjoyment.

Here’s Royal, our gorgeous Blue Birchen Marans. She always has a very regal stance. (below)


Olive is our feisty Easter Egger. She is the hardest to catch. (below)IMG_8565

Niki, our Barred Plymouth Rock, is still the most adventurous. She is always the first to try new things, like jumping into our planting beds or enjoying the new roost we installed in their run. While we haven’t seen any big displays of dominance, she is certainly top hen. (below) 


Below is Oreo (named by Julia) our Mottled Java. She is the largest hen by quite a bit! I love her mottled feathering.


Group shots!

We didn’t get a solo shot of Waffles, she’s the Wheaten Ameraucana in the front of this photo. She is the quirkiest!


Just for fun, I suggest you check out some older posts to see how much the girls have grown! I just looked at my post from mid-May and they were still so tiny then compared to now!

One Response to “The HUF girls are 4 months old!”
  1. Iris says:

    They are adorable Jeannie!!

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