A Yoga Mat That Works Well and Isn’t Full Of Toxic Chemicals

Over the summer I regained focus on trying to get in shape. I had gotten a Gaiam yoga mat to do some workouts on at home. All good right? Not really. I found myself holding my breath anytime my head got close to the mat. It has this chemically odor that sort of makes me want to gag and completely takes away from any focus I have on a hard workout or relaxation I might be getting from yoga or stretching. 

Clearly something had to be done. I searched online and discovered that ThinkSport makes yoga mats! They promised a mat that was chemically safe yet high performing and comfortable. Since we are Amazon Prime members (free shipping) and I like to read reviews, I searched to see if the mat was available through Amazon. It was and reviews validated the no-icky-odors claim. One more click and I had purchased it.

I opened it immediately when it arrived – no bad odors! Yay!! It also had a really good thickness and texture. I have done a bunch of yoga (I am a novice so nothing too fancy) and stretches on it and I LOVE IT! So much that I had to share with my readers so you too can have a yoga mat you love, which will love you back (no toxic icky-ness).

It isn’t cheap at $39.99 on Amazon, but I feel it is completely worth – you are worth it.

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