Kid Craft: Constructing Fairy/Elf Houses


Looking for a fun and very creative way to occupy kids (and adults) at a party or gathering? How about making darling elf and fairy houses? Whether you want to believe in the little enchanted creatures or not, these houses are fun to build.

IMG_2097I have to admit the original  idea came from this lovely party store, Acme Party Box Company. I was browsing there one day looking for woodland decorations and party supplies. I don’t recall exactly how the fairy house discussion started but one of the owner’s, Lisa, showed me an example of a fairy house and I was sold! It was so cute. A small cardboard “upside down V” frame glued to a flat cardboard piece covered in sticks, moss, acorns and tiny pebbles making it look like an adorable woodland fairy house. She told me they could get the supplies together for me, including the cardboard structures. Done! We had our party craft! My original plan was to have the kids paint terracotta planters at the beginning of the party and then pick and plant plants before they left. But let’s face it, fairy houses are way more interesting!

IMG_2107Over the next couple weeks I decided to amp up the construction supplies. I knew Acme would provide the very important cardboard structures, sticks, small stones and some moss. I also purchased some pixie mushrooms from them. But I wanted to add even more color and fell in love with some felted toadstools I found online. Then I discovered the amazing moss selection at an Etsy shop, Teresa’s Plants & More, which I had to have, along with her too perfect mini-pumpkins and hemlock cones. While buying little containers of glue at a craft store we also found nature colored pom poms, and what kid doesn’t like pom poms? We also complimented the sticks and bark from Acme with items we found in our own yard like pinecones. The final addition were these small wood ladybug stickers my daughter had gotten on a trip to Vancouver Island last summer – I was glad to finally have a good use for them (normally they are strewn on the floor waiting to be cleaned up or just sitting in a cabinet).

IMG_2102To make it even more fun, I had a custom sign made for the table (as seen in the first photo above)! Check out Deep Blue Sea Designs on Etsy if you’d like one too.

Everyone one, young and old, loved the craft. The kids, boys and girls, were very engaged in their creations with eager parents assisting. And each house turned out just darling! I highly recommend your doing something similar if it works with your next party theme!

A few tips:

  • Set everything out on a table so it is like a buffet for the kids, with similar items in multiple spots so everyone has easy access. I used some plastic cups to hold sticks and got some clear food containers from Whole Foods to hold small items like the pom poms and acorns. Make it look nice and it’ll be lovely décor as well.
  • Be sure to have a protective layer on your table. I taped large sheets of light green craft paper to our table, which was benches put together.
  • If you have young kids, be sure to make or buy the cardboard frames so they have a structure to work with. Older kids can probably just build on flat cardboard.
  • IMG_1993Get smaller glue containers for small hands. While the 1.25oz glues cost the same as their larger counterparts, it is worth it. They are much easier for little hands to use. And if your kid loves crafts s much as mine, you’ll have many future group crafting opportunities to use them again. Or pass them along to another family for one of their parties.
  • Leave a marker out for parents to write their child’s name on their house.
  • If I had had more time I would have painted the frames green to make them a nicer base, but I doubt anyone would ever have that much time.
2 Responses to “Kid Craft: Constructing Fairy/Elf Houses”
  1. Rene says:

    Yeah and I’ll bet the “BIG” kids had just as much, or more, fun than the “little” kids

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