Breville Tea Maker – 16 months later

I have used the Breville Tea Maker every day since my husband gave it to me Christmas 2010 and it is still going strong (every day that I haven’t been away). In fact, it is still one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time! It is so easy to use and produces the great tea which it can keep hot for you for an entire hour, which happens to be perfect timing for my 2 cups in the morning. So if you have been debating getting one, delay no more. Go get one! Or gift one to a tea lover dear to you. Mother’s day is coming up!

They are sold at Amazon, Teavana and Williams Sonoma and seem to be about $250 everywhere right now. You can read my original write-up here.

One thing I do differently from my original post, is that instead of using heaping scoops for strong flavor, I use regular scoops and throw in one extra. I read somewhere that was the thing to do, I tried it and it seems to work well. Another good point to know is that if your tea is in larger pieces, then you want to make your scoops a little bit bigger as they will be less dense.

While I’m sharing, let me add that my current absolute favorite black tea to brew is the Golden Langur Blend from The Steeping Room in Austin, TX. A lovely black tea flavor that is strong yet well blended. It is a perfect every day tea. Funnily, I adore the tea but have actually yet to go to the store! I was treated to this new discovery by my husband who travels to Austin often for work. He may regret giving it to me though as he now has to bring home a pound every time he goes there! But he loves me and he now how much I love my tea. Lucky me.

Go get one and make someone happy (you or a loved one).

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