Feeling Lucky to Live Here

Highline-08042013We have had some incredibly hot and uncomfortable days here in the city which have helped me understand why so many people summer elsewhere (i.e. The Hamptons) if they can. But today is simply perfect here in the West Village – sunny yet not too hot with a slight cool breeze.

It was made more sweet by the fact that we live so close to The Highline, a real treasure. My daughter has not been feeling well the last couple of days so we’ve been indoors and she finally felt well enough to go out for a stroll for some fresh air. Within a couple minutes we were on the Highline enjoying a leisurely stroll on this beautiful day through the wonderful array of plants, enjoying the breeze and sun. Amazingly enough it was not too crowded. We even spent some time at my favorite spot, where they have a section with water flowing over it. It looks beautiful, sounds like a waterfall and is so much fun for everyone at any age. Sofie loved feeling her feet in the water and making wet footprints, which made passersby smile. It was fun to watch her and so many others delight in the water.

We continued our walk so she could get a popsicle at La Newyorkina, which has a little cart on the Highline just north of 16th St. They make light and refreshing popsicles in small handmade bathes using high quality all natural and in-season ingredients. The result is a treat you can feel good about eating that tastes like eating fresh fruit but better. They didn’t have mango, her favorite flavor, but she was happy with a watermelon pop. (I hope I don’t regret letting her have one later as she has been on a BRAT diet since Friday for belly woes.)

I got an ice coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee, one our favorites from our time the the San Francisco area, and we made our way home. I can tell our little outing has put her in better spirits which should do wonders for her getting better. My spirits are quite lifted too.

And so, I am feeling very lucky and appreciative to live in this vibrant city where even on a day where Sofie isn’t feeling very well and we needed to stay close to home, we are able to go on such an easy yet nourishing outing because so much is within minutes of our doorstep. I heart NYC.

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