Backyard Chickens: Research, Planning and Buying Guide

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Thinking about keeping a few chickens? Well, I love to research and tend to be fairly exhaustive, so here is a collection of articles I have written on important topics for those, who like us, are new to the concept of urban chicken keeping. I’ll continue to add and edit as we learn more with our little flock.

Chickens? In our small backyard?

How we decided to keep our own chickens.

Breed Selection – the search for the perfect backyard chicken breeds
There are more breeds of chickens than you can imagine! Care should be taken to select breeds that will do well in your environment and will make good additions to your family. I have outlined some traits to consider and given some suggestions on breeds that tend to be good in a backyard setting.

How do you get chickens?
I’ve outlined a number of ways you can get your chicks or older chickens. The article also includes a few important terms to know when buying chickens. Be sure to also read the entry below on getting your chickens locally!

Getting your chickens – go local!
I strongly suggest you go through the extra effort to try to get your chicks locally!

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