RECIPE: Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Luscious soft whipped cream adorned with a blanket of deep red raspberries covering a delicate crisp chocolate crackle underneath all make this pavlova impossible to resist. This is a fantastic summer dessert, rich and satisfying yet simultaneously delicate and light. The chocolate pavlova contrasts the unsweetened whipped cream and fresh raspberries perfectly both in flavor … Continue reading

Enchanted Woodland Birthday Party

My sweet little girl turned 4 this past February and to celebrate we hosted an Enchanted Woodland party for her. While she adores everything unicorn, I felt a mainly unicorn themed party would be limiting, so we went with an enchanted woodland which allowed me to work in unicorns and much more! This was Sofie’s … Continue reading

Kid Craft: Constructing Fairy/Elf Houses

Looking for a fun and very creative way to occupy kids (and adults) at a party or gathering? How about making darling elf and fairy houses? Whether you want to believe in the little enchanted creatures or not, these houses are fun to build. I have to admit the original  idea came from this lovely … Continue reading

A tissue holder with style! Serious style!

I always hated having those terribly ugly tissue boxes around the house, since, well, they look terrible. It was especially disheartening in high profile places like the living room or kitchen. So despite my sensitive nose often needing a tissue, I have usually forgone tissue boxes in public zones of the house. I will break … Continue reading

A few foodie must haves for the holidays

While not comprehensive, here is a list of a few items I’ve discovered that I think any foodie could benefit from having around for the holidays. They are great to break out for an impromptu gathering, to give as a host(ess) gift or even to simply enjoy yourself. It’s a busy time of year, so … Continue reading

Make Your Holiday Party a Cookie Exchange

Cookie exchanges/swaps are a really fun and easy way to get your friends and family together around the holidays. You don’t have to prepare a lot of food for the party since everyone will be brining cookies, everyone has fun sampling cookies and chatting about their favorites AND everyone leaves with a nice assortment of … Continue reading