School Lunch Supplies

For those of you still searching for the perfect school lunch gear for your kids, here are some of the go to items that I used to create and transport my toddler’s lunches last school year. You can see the fresh, healthy and fun lunches and some of the gear in the A Better Lunchbox … Continue reading

Best of… Toddler Toys

With the holidays coming up I thought it’d be a great time to share some of our daughter’s favorite toys. Most of these are all toys she has had from about 22 months (some younger) through now (about 34 months). Please be sure to double check that a toy will be appropriate for your child, … Continue reading

Name Bubbles – great labels for kids school gear

Based on a couple recommendations from parents groups I belong to, I ordered a Daycare pack of labels from Name Bubbles since my daughter just started preschool and they ask that everything she bring to school be labeled. I liked the label choices and the fact that Name Bubbles uses non-toxic, soy-based ink. We have … Continue reading

Eating out with a toddler – essential gear

We have had a lot of fun eating out this summer! I wanted to share with you what we feel is the perfect collection of items to bring with us to help each meal go smoothly. We always have this bag packed and in the cupboard waiting, so if we think there is a chance … Continue reading

Product Recommendation: Shopping Cart Cover

Since I am stopped at least one every two weeks by someone asking me where I got our shopping cart cover I figured I should blog about it too since I do think it was a great find. I was initially reluctant to get any kind of shopping cart cover as I was trying to … Continue reading

Product Recommendation: Paring Knife with Cover (Great for kids meals on the go)

I cut food into little bits for Sofie all day long and finally decided to get a few more paring knives so I could just wash them all at the end of the day. We found these great knives at Williams-Sonoma. They cut extremely well and I love that they have a cover for the … Continue reading