Feeling Lucky to Live Here

We have had some incredibly hot and uncomfortable days here in the city which have helped me understand why so many people summer elsewhere (i.e. The Hamptons) if they can. But today is simply perfect here in the West Village – sunny yet not too hot with a slight cool breeze. It was made more … Continue reading

NYC makes it easy to put your fruit and veggie scraps to good use

Old spinach container = make shift compost bin

New York city’s Green Markets offer locals a fantastic way to be part of an essential eco-system by connecting city dwellers with famers and artisanal producers. You get to enjoy fresh, local produce and products while supporting small scale farmers and producers. If you have been to a farmer’s market you know what I mean … Continue reading

Paradise: Maui, Hawaii

Ok folks, one more article looking back at our time in California. While on the West Coast we were fortunate to discover the paradise that is Maui. Vacationing there is just too fantastic to not write about! An easy 5 hour flight from SFO, we found ourselves there 3 times in a year and a … Continue reading

Palo Alto, CA Area Favorites

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind! We contemplated another big move, with the choice of 2 amazing destinations – London, UK and New York City. We visited London, even toured schools, and loved it. What a fantastic adventure it would have been. But after much debate and taking everything into consideration New … Continue reading

Feeling Enriched, Body, Soul and Mind – Benefits of sharing homegrown and crafted bounty

You know how when kids get so excited about something that they can hardly contain it? They need to bounce and smile ear to ear? That was me this morning…before, during and after the garden share we attended. Our backyard chickens have been very productive the last few weeks with some nice weather and we’ve … Continue reading

Surfside Chicken Update

As you may have read, we had signed up for a provisional chicken CSA, meaning we’d get a chicken if they happened to have extras beyond filling their full CSA commitments. Well, a few more full CSA slots opened up and we snagged one as soon as we had the chance. We now receive a … Continue reading

Are you getting the most out of your honey?

Summary: To get the full benefits from honey, it needs to be raw (specifically, unheated) and local (i.e. made by local bees collecting pollen from local plants). A great local brand is Gipsons Golden Inc (Santa Rosa area) I love honey. From before I can remember, honey has always been a household staple, used most often to … Continue reading

Palo Alto Event: Garden Share – Neighbors swapping food, flowers and herbs from their gardens

I am in love with this concept! Neighbors getting together to swap items they have grown in their gardens! I have seen so many orange, lemon, line and fig trees throughout the year in our neigborhood just dripping with more fruit than the owner could possibly consume. How wonderful to have a place to bring … Continue reading

Palo Alto Farmers’ Markets: Recent Discoveries and Old Favorites

Each time I go to a farmers’ market I feel like I discover something new and wonderful, whether it be a new kind of vegetable or fruit, or taking the plunge to try something I’ve been meaning to for a long time (this last weekend it was squash blossoms!) or a completely new vendor. This … Continue reading

A Great Blue Cheese

Cheese shopping is always fun, so many varieties to choose from! Yes, it can be overwhelming sometimes as well. When selecting an ensemble for a cheese platter, we tend to get one or two types we have had before and throw in two we’ve never had. It you don’t try anything new, you’ll never make wonderful … Continue reading