Feeling Lucky to Live Here

We have had some incredibly hot and uncomfortable days here in the city which have helped me understand why so many people summer elsewhere (i.e. The Hamptons) if they can. But today is simply perfect here in the West Village – sunny yet not too hot with a slight cool breeze. It was made more … Continue reading

NYC makes it easy to put your fruit and veggie scraps to good use

Old spinach container = make shift compost bin

New York city’s Green Markets offer locals a fantastic way to be part of an essential eco-system by connecting city dwellers with famers and artisanal producers. You get to enjoy fresh, local produce and products while supporting small scale farmers and producers. If you have been to a farmer’s market you know what I mean … Continue reading

5 days in Manhattan with a toddler

We finally made it back to spend a few days in New York last week – and oh have I missed it. We were last here 16 months ago when Sofie was only 4 months old. Now she is 20 months old, walking, talking and able to experience the city more. We had a wonderful … Continue reading