Etsy Find: FairyFolk

I developed a pretty serious addiction to Etsy while planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party. So many wonderful handmade and vintage items!! My absolute favorite shop right now is Fairyfolk.  She has the most adorable hand felted treasures. Just take a peak – you too will fall in love. Be sure to check her shop … Continue reading

A Yoga Mat That Works Well and Isn’t Full Of Toxic Chemicals

Over the summer I regained focus on trying to get in shape. I had gotten a Gaiam yoga mat to do some workouts on at home. All good right? Not really. I found myself holding my breath anytime my head got close to the mat. It has this chemically odor that sort of makes me … Continue reading

Fresh Fruit Beckons Everyone, Even Children

I wish I had a photo to share of the gorgeous strawberries I put out this morning. They were very photo worthy…so tantalizing in fact that they didn’t last long enough for me to snap a shot before my daughter got to them. We only had about 5 strawberries left, and I tend to prefer … Continue reading

Blah, blah, blah, ah…Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Yum!

I have a cold right now and nothing, absolutely nothing, except tea has tasted good to me the last couple days. For lunch today I heated up some vegetable minestrone (from Whole Foods yesterday) to have with a fresh demi baguette from Mayfield Bakery. Blah. The soup, like everything else the last 2 days, was not … Continue reading

A tissue holder with style! Serious style!

I always hated having those terribly ugly tissue boxes around the house, since, well, they look terrible. It was especially disheartening in high profile places like the living room or kitchen. So despite my sensitive nose often needing a tissue, I have usually forgone tissue boxes in public zones of the house. I will break … Continue reading

Just signed up for the Surfside Chickens CSA

Yay! I just sent in our deposit for a share with Surfside Chickens. They are located about an hour away in Watsonville, CA and humanely raise pastured chickens for eggs and the table. Since we’ll have our own little backyard flock of chickens for eggs, we’re only interested in Surfside’s meat chickens. Over the last … Continue reading

Chickens? In our small backyard?

I still find it hard to believe myself. But yes, in about a month we pick up our chicks, and 6 weeks after that they will be big enough to move outside into their coop in our backyard, where they will live happy lives and provide us with fresh, organic eggs and loads of fun … Continue reading

Bring on 2011

Wishing everyone as much excitement as I have for 2011!! I hope it is full of love and great adventures! I am stoked about 2011! The last 14 months have been good but quite the whirlwind as they were full of big changes. We left our home in the Boston area to move out to … Continue reading

Happy Holidays!!

  Wishing everyone a holiday season full of love, laughter and great food!! Photo taken Christmas Eve right before we (me, Jeromy, Sofie) sat down for dinner. Arrangement placed in a Straus Family Creamery cream bottle.

Best Of…(insert food item)

You know how when someone asks you what your favorite <fill in the blank> is and the answer is somewhere in your head but you just can’t remember it right there on the spot? Well, I have been meaning to start a list tracking all my favorite finds so I have a record and can … Continue reading