School Lunch Supplies

For those of you still searching for the perfect school lunch gear for your kids, here are some of the go to items that I used to create and transport my toddler’s lunches last school year. You can see the fresh, healthy and fun lunches and some of the gear in the A Better Lunchbox … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 42, Jun 20 – Jun 23 2011

Last week of school! I can’t believe my little sweetie has been in school a whole year. She has grown so much, it has just been amazing to watch. Looking forward to a summer of fun and wishing you the same! Monday Cream cheese and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches – organic multigrain bread, organic cream cheese, … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 41, Jun 13 – Jun 16 2011

Only one school meal this week, we tagged along with my husband on a work trip to Austin, TX. It was my first time there and despite the insane high temps (100+!) we had a wonderful time. A real foodie haven! A huge blog post to come on must “eats” if you find yourself in … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 39, May 30 – Jun 2 2011

Monday – Memorial Day Tuesday Rice balls – organic sushi rice molded into shapes and decorated with nori cut outs Peas – organic, cooked from frozen that am Mild Italian sausage – Boccalone sausage left over from our cookout on Sunday Blueberries – organic and local  Consumption: She left a few pieces of sausage and … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 38, May 23 – May 26 2011

Blueberries are in season and delicious, extra bonus that they are so good for you and the perfect toddler finger food. You’ll see them a lot in Sofie’s lunches. We eat them with breakfast too. In fact, I just froze a big batch to have on hand for smoothies. You may be thinking, geez, these … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 37, May 16 – May 19 2011

Monday Pasta – organic, plain, cooked that am Broccoli – steamed, organic & local Ham – nitrate free, organic ham cut into flower shapes Strawberries – organic & local Consumption: She ate almost everything! Just a few bites left. Tuesday Cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches – organic multigrain bread, organic cream cheese, Happy Girl … Continue reading

Super Cute Animal Picks

I just saw that you can get them through Amazon now! And they are Prime eligible! If you have young kids, you need to order these now before they sell out. Whether it is for meals, snacks or parties you will use them and kids will love them. These are crazy cute and help make … Continue reading

Simple Flower Carrots

These are super easy and quick to make if you have the right tool! Many kids gobble up carrots, raw or cooked. Sofie is not one of them. Though if she is in the right mood, she will eat them, especially when she is thinking about how much her Dad loves to eat them. She … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 36, May 9 – May 12 2011

Monday I thought I’d share a different view of the pizza I make for Sofie. Here is is baking in the oven right before school. It is so quick and easy to make that it is worth it to make it fresh. Pizza that has been in the fridge just isn’t as tasty, especially since … Continue reading

A Better Lunchbox–Week 35, May 2 – May 5 2011

Monday   Organic Sprouted wheat bun (1/2) Boccalone Italian Sausage – grilled the night before for dinner ( ) Cherry Tomatoes – organic Blueberries – organic and local Consumption: She left 2/3 of the bun (it was a lot for a 3yr old) and a few pieces of sausage. Tuesday Organic Whole Wheat Alphabet pasta … Continue reading