RECIPE: Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Luscious soft whipped cream adorned with a blanket of deep red raspberries covering a delicate crisp chocolate crackle underneath all make this pavlova impossible to resist. This is a fantastic summer dessert, rich and satisfying yet simultaneously delicate and light. The chocolate pavlova contrasts the unsweetened whipped cream and fresh raspberries perfectly both in flavor … Continue reading

Recipe: Cinnamon Spice and All Things Nice Cookies

These cookies really hit the mark if you are craving something like apple pie. They are a nice buttery (shortbread-like) cookie with strong apple flavor and of course, generous amounts of cinnamon. Yum. Bonus, is that you can make the dough and store some in the freezer to bake up whenever a craving strikes you, … Continue reading

Recipe: Black and White Holiday Bark

This bark is a breeze to make, tasty, texturally interesting and looks festive – everything you want out of a holiday treat. It is a lovely option to have for company or to give away as a homemade gift. We have little bags of it to Sofie’s preschool teachers this year along with elf ornaments we made … Continue reading

Recipe: Easy and very very delicious peach and strawberry crumble

We had company coming over a couple weeks ago and I wanted to serve a warm dessert that I could mostly prepare ahead of time so I didn’t have to spend much time tinkering in the kitchen while they were here. We happened to have on hand some perfectly ripe Frog Hollow Farm peaches (we’re … Continue reading